Kelly has been working with Stuart for 3 years now and the changes to Kellys mindset and attitude has been great. Kelly was always a very strong surfer with natural ability and good results but we could see there was something missing getting him over the line in the first place position on a regular basis. Stuart starting working with Kelly to focus on his mental attitude and positive mindset and giving Kelly the belief that he could win and deserved the win and that all his hard work was paying off.
Kelly started using the diary process about this time last year and the positive affirmations that are written in this diary are certainly paying off in real life. Kelly’s last 18 months has been filled with major achievements, back to back wins and major milestones. Kelly is now the U/18 Boys Qld State Champion and with Stuarts guidance and assistance he intends to go on to bigger and better things in the future. Kelly Norris

Current U/18 Boys Qld State Surfing Champion